Several Muslims and Christians are seen taking a holy dip in the river at Sangameswaram during Krishna Pushkaralu. The Pushkar ghats at Sangameswaram, the confluence of seven rivers, reflect communal harmony in a secular country as people of other religions are also taking a holy dip in River Krishna and offering prayers to Goddess Krishnaveni.

After taking a holy dip in the river, some of them are also visiting the nearby temples along with their Hindu brethren. Speaking to The Hans India, Rahmatullah, a cleric of a dargah in Kadapa, is of the view that taking a dip in the river is not against tenets of Islam. Ten women of Nellore who came to Sangameswaram for ‘Pushkara Snanam’, took home the sacred water of Krishna river in bottles. “We are all Indians first. Religion should not create a divide among us.

We should stand united to thwart the evil designs of secessionist forces as our strength lies in unity in diversity,’’ they said. Rev Abraham Premchand said: “Taking a holy dip in the river is not against the principles of Christianity. Baptism is an important sacrament in Christianity.

People of all religions should live in peace and harmony to ensure prosperity of the nation.’’ According to Acharya Telakapalli Raghurama Sarma, there is a legend that Lord Srikrishna took a holy dip in the river along with Pandavas at Sangameswaram in Dwapara Yuga, which led to the origin of Krishna Pushkaralu and there was a mention of it in the ancient scriptures.


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