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We all loved her when she gleamed on the big screen when starred next to Power star Pawan Kalyan in Badri. She has been working back and forth on so many projects since and now she is getting to know about love and life on a more relatable and an extraordinary level.

If you scroll through her Instagram, you can see that she is a pretty emotional being just like us and she usually takes time out of her busy schedule to quote a thing or two about love, life and everything in between.

So, on Monday 12th June, 2017, the actress turned model quoted another beautiful phrase saying ‘Am I Your Love? Or Your Convenience?- Ray Nu'(sic) She continued to write a paragraph as the caption saying

‘It is so easy to confuse the emotion love and the want for someone when you need them as per your convenience. A person who does something for you, even if it inconveniences them just because you want it, is love. Someone who waits for their work day to end so that they can be with you rather than making you wait around endlessly while they do what is keeping them occupied. A person who knows what your likes and dislikes are without you constantly pointing it out to them. To be available emotionally when we want them, not when we fit in their busy schedules. To be a genuine sincere love rather than just a mere convenience. To be together, forever. . . . . #poetrygram #poetsofig #poem #igpoetry#poetrycommunity #poets #poetry#esoteric #love #harmony#poetsofinstagram #poetrycommunity#prose #writingcommunity#writersofinstagram’ (sic) and many followers of her Instagram page took notice of that quote and replied saying

Mam now this is mind blowing …..they seem so simple but yet hold on to very complicated feelings …..u r not jus a poet …U r that plethora of talent in a most simplified form …. @renuudesai’

To which the 35 year old actress happily replied thanking the follower for their kind words.

Many other people wished her love and other happy things except one follower that asked ‘Is this about Pawan Kalyan?’ and since the comment has been deleted.

Could this be about Pawan Kalyan? I mean, they have been married for a while and the duo have two beautiful kids but got divorced a few years ago.

So, what do you think? Do you think she misses him? Or is she just exploring poetry on a deeper level? Let me know in the comments below.


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