Upcoming actors,Siva Kartikeyan and Keerti Suresh have acted in Remo in Tamil version and it was a great success. Producer Dil Raju presented the Telugu version with the same name Remo. Let us see whether the film is able to get good response from Telugu audience.

Film review : Remo

Actors : Siva Kartikeyan, Keerti Suresh

Music : Anirudh Ravichander

Direction: Bakkiyaraj Kannan

Producer : R D Raja

Release date : November 25, 2016

Story: Siva (Siva Kartikeyan) wants to be become a star hero and he always dreams for his wish. He falls in love with Kavya (Keerti Suresh). By the time, Kavya was already engaged to another man. Siva wants to marry Kavya. He comes nearer to Kavya in the lady nurse get up. Whether Siva gets the love of Kavya ? How, he was able to break up her marriage with another man. These details can be seen from the film

Strengths and weaknesses : Siva Kartikeyan performance is an asset to the film. His action in the lady nurse get up is much impressive. The scene relating to love proposal made by hero to heroine will be highlight to the film. Chemistry between Sivakartikeyan and Keerti Suresh is very good. Keerti Surech has acted well within her role. The second half is somewhat lengthy when compared to first half. Only one song is impressive and other songs are not good. The Telugu nativity is completely missing in the film. Story narration, filming of scenes, dialogues between characters, all not connected to Telugu natiivity. Cinematography by PC Sriram is excellent. Each scene was filmed colourfully. Director Bakkiyaraj Kannan is successful to extract the needed performance from actors. Background music by Anirudh is good. Editing is also good. Production values by R D Raja are also good. Rating: 2/5


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