Kollywood young hero Jeeva proved himself in tollywood with the movie Rangam.Actually,The original film was released in Tamil with the name Yaan in 2014. The film is dubbed as Rangam-2 and released in Telugu.

Film review : Ramgam -2

Actors : Jeeva, Thulasi Nayar

Music : Haris Jairaj

Direction: Ravi K Chandran

Producer A N Balaji

Release Nov 25, 2016

Chandu (Jeeva) roams in Mumbai without any job or responsibility. One day, he gets acquaintance with Srila (Thulasi Nayar). They fall in love. Srila’s father (Nazer) does not like their love. He says that he is not prepared to give his daughter to a jobless man. Then Chandu gets a job in Bajilistan, an Arab country. He gets trapped in a drug mafia without his knowledge. Hanging is the punishment for drug suppliers in that country. Whether Jeeva escapes from the case? Whether he gets success in his love? Who was responsible for his involvement in the case. These details can be seen from the film.

Sterengths, weaknesses: Director selects the theme of an ordinary youth falling into the trap of drug mafia in another country. The director could not create strong reasons for the hero falling into the trap or how he comes out of the case. First half is Ok. Second half is boring. Climax is also not that much good. Songs are not impressive. Jeeva has acted well within his role. Thulasi Nayar also performed well. Cinematographer Manush Nandan work is highlight to the film. Harish Jiraj songs and back ground scores are not up to the mark. With regard to editing, not much care is taken in the case of songs. Production values are good.

Updateap.com Rating : 1.5/5


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