In tollywood industry,there were many films in the past dealing with the love and affection between a father and a daughter. Ravu Ramesh and Hebba Patel have acted as father and daughter in Nanna Nenu Na Boy Friends. As it was stated that there were three boy friends to the heroine, there were good expectations. Let us see the review.

Film review : Nanna Nenu Na Boy Friends

Actors: Ravu Ramesh, Hebba Patel, Tejaswi Madivada, Ashwin Babu, Noel Seenu, Nookaraju others

Music : Sekhar Chandra

Producer : Bekkam Venugopal

Director: Bhaskar Bandi


In this movie,the first scene begins with the marriage of Padmavathy (Hebba Patel). But her father Raghava Rao (Ravu Ramesh) will be waiting at railway station for some body else. Then the film goes to flash back.A daughter was born to Ravu Ramesh. An astrologer says that there would be disputes between father and daughter. Ravu Ramesh says that he would change his attitude for the sake of his daughter. He foregoes MP ticket for the cause of his daughter. He claims that his daughter passed engineering course. In fact, she fails in the examination. She (Padmavathy) goes to Hyderabad for a job and lives with her friend Maggi (Tejaswi Madivada). Padvathy decides not to go far arranged marriage. She wants to fall in love and then get marriage. In the process, she loves three boys- Gokul (Noel), Nani (Ashwin) and Namo (Parvatheesam). The boys too love her. Hebba Patel gets confused in selecting one person as all the three boys are deeply in love with her. What would Ravu Ramesh do? With whom Padmavathy gets her marriage? These details can be seen from the film in theatres.

Analysis: Writer B Sai Krishna has written a love story in a different way. A girl loves three boys in a convincing way. Directed Bhaskar Bandi also made the film effectively. Pre climax, climax scenes, sentiment scenes and twists in the film are well tailored. Hebba Patel love scenes with three boys are impressive. The role of a father who loves his daughter madly is designed well. Prasanna Kumar’s heavy dialogues and Ravu Ramesh performance stand as highlight to the film. Jabardasth team has done comedy scenes. Four songs in the film are much entertaining. Tejaswi Madivada, as Hebba Patel friend, acted well.

Comedy by Jabardasth team reveals that the scenes are included to the film as patch up. Though the dialogues by Prasannakumar are good, the actors have failed to deliver them with correct timings. Ravu Ramesh performed excellently in climax scene. Boy friends have performed well. But the director Bhaskar Bandi slipped here and there in running the comedy track. The film can be seen once. Rating 2/5.


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