Nagarjuna Irritates Media


There are innumerable websites catering the needs of Telugu audience across the globe. However, only a few of them are called mainstream websites. These websites always try to attract the attention of the celebrities on Twitter and maybe get some RTs from them.

In such a way, the websites get some clicks as well as popularity. But Big Stars always make sure not to give them that. But then, the other day, Nagarjuna had quoted an article saying that Nagarjuna is keen on having Sridevi’s daughter for Akhil’s Second movie and condemned the news.

The Article he has quoted is some D grade website. The Mainstream Web media were upset that Nagarjuna directly/indirectly encourages that website but ignore them. Some journalists were seen frantically tweeting to Nagarjuna not to quote such small gossip sites and encourage them.


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