Kotla Suryaprakash Reddy,Former Union Minister alleged that the BJP-led NDA government is defending the black money hoarders by writing off their outstanding debts but dragged the common man on to the streets with the demonetisation.Narendra Modi, during his election campaign, had assured that he will bring back the black money to India; instead of bringing the black money from overseas, he is supporting them.

Modi has taken unanimous decision over demonetisation of big currency notes without a debate in the Parliament.The Congress district unit organised a protest against demonetisation at the Collectorate here on Saturday. Addressing the party workers, Kotla Suryaprakash alleged that demonetisation has benefitted his own party leaders as they have converted the black money into white by purchasing lands and properties. Due to demonetisation, he stated several common people have lost their lives. He compared the unilateral decision of Modi with Tughlaq’s rule. He slammed the TDP government for betraying the people of the State as it compromised with the Special Category Status.The Congress leader said that people are waiting to teach a lesson to Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu in the next elections. District Congress Committee President P Lakshmi Reddy said time is no far to BJP and TDP to face the wrath of the people.


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