Mollywood super star Mohan Lal acted in Puli Murugan in Malayalam and it was a super hit in Kerala which collected Rs 125 cr. The film is dubbed in Telugu and released as Manyam Puli.

Film review : Manyam Puli

Actors : Mohan Lal, Kamalini Mukherjee and Jagapati Babu

Music : Gopi Sundar

Photography: Shajikumar

Fights: Peter Hains

Direction: Vaisakh

Producer : Krishna Reddy

Release :2-12-2016

Story: Puli Kumar (Mohan Lal) lives in a forest village and leads his life depending on forest. His mother dies while he was a child. A tiger kills and eats his father in his childhood. Even at the young age, Mohan Lal kills the tiger. As he is skilled in dealing with tigers, he protects his village Puliyur from the attacks of tigers. He loves his younger brother Subrahmanyam a lot. A drug mafia don Dady Girija offers a job to Subrahmanyam. The don also asks the hero to bring ganja from forest and it would be used in preparing Ayurvedic medicines. The hero supplies ganja to the Ayurvedic company. Later, hero realises that the company is not Ayurvedic company; but it is a drug manufacturing company. Because of popularity of Dady Girija, a false case is booked against Puli Kumar. Mohan Lal leaves his village and goes to town. After he left the village, tiger enters the village. Whether the tiger kills anybody? Whether Puli Kumar returns to his village and kills the tiger ? What was the relation between Puli Kumar, Myna (Kamalini Mukherjee) and Julie (Namita)? How the hero attacks Dady Girija ? These details can be seen from the film.

Performance of actors: Mohan Lal lives in the character of Puli Kumar. His action is highlight to the movie. Kamalini Mukherjee acted without makeup and performed well as wife of Mohan Lal. Jagapati Babu, in the role of Dady Girija acted in a routine manner. There was no chance to Namita to display her acting skills. Other actors acted within the limits of their roles.

Action sequences are plus point to the film. Good action scenes were shot on Mohan Lal.  Visuals are well shown in the film. Forest scenes are shot very close to naturality. Camera work is marvellous. The forest scenes elevate the range of hero and they were beautifully picturised. Half of the credit for the success of the film goes to camera work. Back ground music by Gopi Sundar is very well matched to the scenes. Director Visakh successfully filmed the action scenes and mass scenes relating to hero Mohan Lal. The first half of the film, which deals with the forest life runs well and is entertaining. The second half, when hero enters town, is routine and boring. Director Visakh is successful in mixing commercial elements into adventurous film. Mohan Lal provides what a common viewer expects from a mass film.  The film is a bit lengthy. Ratin:g 2.5/5


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