Bollywood super hero,Hrithik Roshan’s last year film Mehanjedaro was not a successful one. His father Rakesh Roshan produced the film Kaabil with the aim of getting a hit to his son. Both hero and heroines are blind people. So, there are high expectations among viewers on the film.

Actors : Hrithik Roshan, Yami Gautham, Ronith Rai, Suresh Menon and others
Cinematography: Sudip Chatterjee, Ayanka Bose
Music : Rajesh Roshan
Editing: Akiv Ali
Production: Rakesh Roshan
Direction: Sanjay Gupta
Release date : 25-01-2017


Rohan Bhatnagar (Hrithik Roshan) is a dubbing artiste. Though he is blind, he is very active with his hyper active sense. Supriya (Yami Gautham) is a piano artiste. They meet at coffee shop and later become lovers. They decide to live together throughout their lives. They get marry and want to shift to an apartment. Amit Shellar (Ronit Rai), the younger brother of local corporator, and his friend molest Supriya. Rohan upsets with the incident. He approaches police with the request to punish the culprits. In the name of making INQUIRIES, police officials (Narendra Jhaa and Suresh Kulkarni) harass Supriya. She will not get justice. So, she commits suicide. Rohan takes the law into his hands and wants to punish the criminals. How he has taken revenge on the culprits? The details have to be seen from the film.


A blind man takes revenge for the death of his wife and it is interesting that he will not leave any evidence for his act of revenge. The first half of the film deals with love between Hrithik and Yami. The second half contains action scenes of Hrithik Roshan. Love scenes between Hrithik and Yami are entrtaining. The action scenes by Hrithik especially while taking revenge impress the viewers. Both Hrithik and Yami performed well as blind persons in each scene.

Director Rakesh Roshan made the film to create interest among audience. Photography is an added asset to the film. Songs and back ground music added more value. Production qualities are also good. People appreciate the movie. Updateap.com Rating 3.5/5.


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