Megastar chiranjeevi’s elder brother Nagarbabu was impulsive and I don’t see any wrong in it.The Megastar on his comeback film, getting back into shape under the supervision of son Charan, politics and more
After deciding to make his comeback into films sometime back in 2015, Chiranjeevi, once the undisputed king of Tollywood, had listened to many commercial scripts. While he found some good, he was keen on a commercial script with an underlying social message a la his 2003 hit ‘Tagore’.

The search, after an eon, finally ended with 2014 Tamil monster hit ‘Kaththi’ as it dealt with farmer’s issues besides providing him an opportunity to play dual roles. “While one role had the elements that my fans would look forward to, the other had the scope to perform. It was a nice balance,” Chiru begins, adding that film’s director VV Vinayak had tailored some episodes of the original to suit his body language and image.“We have also introduced some new characters like Brahmanandam and Raghu Babu to enhance the comedy quotient. Narration-wise too, we have increased the pace as ‘Kaththi’ was slow at places.” ‘Khaidi No 150’ is scheduled to open on a mammoth note this Wednesday.

Having seen it all in the field of cinema from re-writing new box-office records on a frequent basis to once being written off in mid ‘90s does he still get heebie-jeebies before a film of his opens? “‘Khaidi No 150’ is a proven content.The songs have become chartbusters. I am extremely confident about the product. Though I’m not nervous, I’m curious,” he shrugs, admitting that he had his own doubts of how he would look screen since it’s been long since he donned the grease paint.“But internally I had this zeal to get back and the kind of support I got from outside– be it from my family, fans or well-wishers like Amitabh Bachchan and Rajinikanth, I was like, ‘Yes, I can do it’. Also, I have never felt the gap of being away from arc lights.”

At 61 now, he still looks strapping like any of his young contemporaries, but admits to have neglected his health after entering into politics. “But once I locked on ‘Kaththi’ remake, Ram Charan took the mantle of transforming me physically. From monitoring my diet to how I should train in gym, he took care of everything,” he smiles fondly.


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