Tollywood’s young gun,Agni Sai kumar’s son,actor Aadi who is starving for success is come as Chuttalabbayi at your nearest theatres. Director Veerabhadram Chowdhary who is also sailing in the same boat will put an end to the starvation of Aadi by giving blockbuster treat with Chuttalabbayi or not. To Know, Let’s get into Chuttalabbayi Telugu movie review.


Aadi(Babji) is a bank recovery agent accidentally meets Namita Pramod(Kavya), sister of ACP (Abhimanyu Singh). Meanwhile, ACP misunderstands both Babji and Kavya are in love. Babji who wants to clear the misunderstanding between him and ACP has to run away with Kavya because of some consequences.

But both Babji and Kavya are being chased a gang. Why is the gang chasing them? What are the consequences that lead them to run? How they both finally ended up?


In Chuttalabbayi, Aadi has done a decent job in performance but the performance is flat due to lack of variations in it. As everyone knows, Aadi is a brilliant dancer and he is done with full energy and ease. And he should have concentrated more on good and refreshing scripts. The lady love of Aadi in Chuttalabbayi, Namita Pramod is just ok and she is unable to make an impression with her debut.

Dialogue King Sai Kumar is wasted in the film and he has played his part. Except 30 years Pruthvi, all the Star comedians including Ali, Posani is succeeded in generating laughs, occasionally. In Chuttalabbayi first half, Pruthvi as Ego Ready is the only relaxation for the movie lovers and the director is somewhat successful in keep the audience to sit. When coming to the second half, it is out of the track.

In the second half, there are no exciting twists in the plot, which becomes flat and boring. Especially the routine comedy with Ali is boring. Director Veerabhadram who seems to give major priority to comedy is failed miserably. The routine content, unexciting plot, wastage of worthy actors made Chuttalabbayi an affair with boredom. Thaman’s music is Ok and the production values are good.

Technically, Cinematography is top notch and everything is ordinary.

Positive Points:

Aadhi dances

Negative Points:

Routine story
Weak plot


This movie is slitely routine and boredom.

Updateap.com Rating: 2.5/5


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